Monday, 18 February 2008

Top 3 Songs To Hear On A Night Out, As Chosen By.....Rachael Fowler

Hey all,

A while ago I asked friends to tell me their top 3 songs to hear on a night out. Pretty simple concept. Just had to give me their top3 and why.

Attached are some of the results in no particular order:

Courtesy Of: Rachael Fowler
Who is a: Television Researcher

  • Artist 1: The Roots
  • Title 1: The Seed
  • Reason 1: Because it always reminds me of when I was at uni and I used to listen to it before going out on the town so it always gets me in the mood for dancing. And it made me decide to call my first born Rockandroll.

  • Artist 2: Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • Title 2: Baby I Got Your Money
  • Reason 2: Because it is the greatest song to sweat on the dance floor to, and I can sing along in my Ol’ Dirty Bastard gravelly voice thereby confusing people as to my true gender.

  • Artist 3: Meatloaf (yeah yeah so I like the Loaf and he isn’t the coolest person in the world but hey he played a belter in fight club with his Moobs)
  • Title 3: I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Wont Do That)
  • Reason 3: It’s an unconventional choice but it’s a rock anthem and it goes on for ten minutes so I can really get into it!
More to follow....

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