Thursday, 6 September 2007

Soulwax - The Kings Of The Remix

Within the past few months, Soulwax have reasserted themselves atop of the pile as the "Kings Of The Remix"! The Dewaele Brothers are similar to their good friend, Erol, in terms of constantly redirecting their attention to another facet of music making.

Not content with their pioneering DJ sets, both under the guise of 2ManyDJs and Soulwax, Stephen and David have been involved in:

production for other artists such as Tiga
and writing and performing for their own band, Soulwax

But I think their talents are best displayed in the art of the remix.

However, despite their obvious gift at rearranging songs for maximum impact, it is not something that they dabble with very often. Fortunately, this year, perhaps whilst taking a break from their non-stop touring schedule, they have gifted their fans with three terrific new releases.

Within the past 6 months - we have been treated to reworkings of:

Robbie Williams - Lovelight

Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow

Justice - Phantom II
JUSTICE - PHANTOM II (Soulwax Remix)

The Justice remix is definitely my personal favourite of the three, and the confidence of the duo is best exemplified by the sudden sound cut, before slowing building up to an almighty final crescendo.

With such skill clear for all to see, I cant wait to hear their next remix offering.