Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Top 3 Songs To Hear On A Night Out, As Chosen By.....Andrew Carlisle

Hey all,

A while ago I asked friends to tell me their top 3 songs to hear on a night out. Pretty simple concept. Just had to give me their top3 and why.

Attached are some of the results in no particular order:

Courtesy Of: Andrew Carlisle
Who is a: Graphic Designer

  • Artist 1a: Justice
  • Title 1a: Let there be light
  • Description 1a: 'B' side to the nearly equally good 'Waters of Nazareth' two producer DJs leading the charge on the 'french revolution' for me, it was the seminal moment that switched dance music into its loud aggressive jacking electro form that is everywhere today.
  • Artist 1b: Hot Chip
  • Title 1b: Boy from school (erol alkan's Rework)
  • Description 1b: 'This beautiful song was geniusly transformed into an epic 10 minute, rolling, thumping... ... loveliness. Hi-hats, kick drums and maracas all tease and distort the song from its original working. Making it an absolute pleasure to hear on a good quality loud sound system in a club/bar with friends.
  • Artist 2: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  • Title 2: Beggin' (Pilooski Re-Edit)
  • Description 2: There is something about hearing this song, regardless of how cool you think you are, which makes you grab the person nearest to you, and mouth the words hysterically in close proximity of the persons face. Makes me feel all warm inside.
  • Artist 3: Fleetwood Mac
  • Title 3: Everywhere
  • Description 3: So much 'love' in this song!!!

Quite an eclectic selection from Andy even if he couldnt narrow it down to 3. The Fleetwood Mac choice is inspired though. I can remember dancing to this at the very end of TDK festival 3 years ago, and it was awesome. Right at the end of the Filthy Dukes set, which was then, and still is now, always a great show!!!